In this post, you’ll be able to read about my really quick and simple teardown of a website about compression garments for lymphedema.


The design of the site is pretty minimalistic, which is great because it perfectly does the trick when it comes to effortlessly converting site visitors into actual buyers. Also, the blue-and-white design instills trust and confidence that the site represents a solid business that provides exceptionally awesome medical products and services.

Page Speed

The speed of the website is great as well. Thing is, it’s great not just for site visitors and conversions but also for SEO because page site speed is a confirmed (by Google) ranking factor. Case in point, the designer and developer of the site made sure that it’s light-weight enough not to prevent ranking the site in search engines.

compression garments for lymphedema

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO aspect of the site is in really good standing as well. That means no major errors, which would jeopardize the site’s chances of raking high on Google or other major search engines. In other words, things like broken links, missing meta descriptions, missing meta titles, and things like that have been fixed or never existed on the site.

Other than specifically tech SEO, the landing page of the site (the homepage) is properly optimized for ” compression garments for lymphedema “. You can easily tell if you look at the meta title of the homepage

garments for lymphedema

The same holds true for the H1 heading that reads ” Finding the right compression garments for lymphedema has never been easier. ”


Plus the actual page copy contains a few instances of the keyword as well.

keyword in page copy

The topic word is also used in the meta description of the page about lymphedema.

meta description

And finally, it’s also used as a value in one of the images

compression garments in image alt tag

Bottom Line

All and all, the site is really well SEO-optimized, designed, and developed.

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